Strategy and Corporate matters

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We have extensive experience advising the Governing and Management Bodies, implementing the most advanced systems of organisation and management, in order to effectively and efficiently manage your task.

Governing and management bodies

  • Advice to Administrative Bodies and Management team.
  • Training/Coaching of Directors and Executives.
  • Strategic Planning/Reflection.
  • Internal Communication Plans, from the Governing and Management Bodies.
  • Consultancy in specific management issues.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan – Commercial.
  • Redesign of Corporate Image.
  • Strategic Innovation Management.



  • Mergers, Divisions, contributions of business activities and all kinds of Operations in Corporate Restructuring.
  • Advice on all types of negotiations, agreements and  processes related to Business Sales and/or Shares.
  • Assessment of Companies and Due Diligence (Legal Audit) in the sales process: Seller/Buyer Due Diligence.



  • Definition of objectives and action plan.
  • Analysis and definition of place of implementation.
  • Technical-Productive Project.
  • Investment Plan.
  • Training and Recruitment of Personnel.
  • Specific legal aspects of Internationalisation.
  • “Turnkey” implementation.


Economic and Financial Optimization

  • Financial Optimization Plans.
  • Reduction and Improvement of Costs.